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Why Tokenize Mining?

Tokenized mining brings with it several clear advantages :


Mining Results Distribution

Mining results will be distributed on a monthly basis, after Operational and Electricity Costs as follows:


Reinvestment Fund


Token Holders

The Electrical Bill will have a linear evolution over time, rising as the mine expands, of course, as more processing power equals larger electricity consumption.

Operational Costs are rent, utilities and maintenance staff salaries. These remain roughly constant, but will increase from time to time, as the mine expands and more help and more space is needed.


Mining Profitability Estimates

The issue of mining profitability is what everyone is interested in. It's also the hardest thing to forecast accurately, but we will do our best to present an objective estimate.

It's also worth noting that the crypto markets are set to enter the institutional adoption phase in 2018, which creates an ideal oportunity for mining, trading and owning cryptocurrency.

MiNE Strategy Performance

Our mining strategy currently yields an 15% NET monthly return at current valuation, with all expenses paid and still plenty of room for holding small-cap coins for further apreciation. This means a MiNE token holder would receive a 11% return in the first month, while 4% would go to the Reinvestment Fund for further purchasing of mining power.

Net Return Estimate



We should be able to double up underlying mining power every 10-12 months from reinvestment. Network difficulty does increase a lot in 12 months, but still, the numbers look very good to us.

Coin Sniping

By meticulously gathering small undervalued coins in a systematic way, we constantly increase our chances of holding onto hidden gems that will improve mining results significantly along the way.

MiNE Token Pre-Sale Will Start Soon.

mining strategy

GPU Mining Power Allocation Chart Example:

Allocation Details:

Ethash Algorithm

Most widely mined with GPUs at the moment. High potential for growth in 2018, best use of 400 & 500 AMD GPU series.

CryptoNight Algorithm

New generation AMD VEGA64 GPUs generate the best results with this algorithm. The perfect incentive for acquiring new generation equipment early on.

Equihash Algorithm

Nvidia GPUs generate peak results when used for this algorithm. There are exceptions, of course. Also, some very promising coins here. A must for diversification.

Dual Mining Support

The highest profitability of ETH/ETC mining is achieved in dual mining mode, which implies mining a secondary coin simultaneously, at nearly no loss in power for the first one.

Coin Sniping
--- --- ---

A small share of mining power will be used for newly listed, high potential coins. Experienced miners call this tactic “coin sniping” and we have seen quite a few commendable results obtained this way.

Most Profitable Right Now
--- --- ---

Periodically, some coins may be much more profitable to mine than all the others. These are great opportunities for instant profit taking for paying bills.

ASIC Mining Power Allocation Example:

While ASIC miners have a much higher theoretical profitability ratio, these are much more problematic to source than GPUs. While we will surely employ ASIC miners in our project, predictions regarding their number and deployment dates are hard to give out, as it can vary widely. Also, the exact ASIC algorithms we will mine depends on their availability, price and delivery times of hardware.

MiNE Token Pre-Sale Will Start Soon.

Thoughts on MiNE Token Evolution


Given that MiNE tokens have physical underlying assets and they also provide access to a service that generates value, we see downward price potential as being very limited. On the other hand, upward spikes will be likely when new hardware acquisitions are performed from reinvestment and when sniped coins will be exchanged for results to be included in the monthly distribution schedule.

Overall, we expect the price to be in a reliable light uptrend.
The potential for MiNE tokens to "go parabolic", depends greatly only on how efficient our mining and administration strategies prove to be compared to the competition and on how fast MiNE tokens get established as a reliable basket of crypto-assets, as they incorporate all 3 elemets of a healthy crypto-portfolio: sustainable mining, mindful trading and token holding.

Attempt at Making a Difference


We choose to adopt a very competitive profit margin and while we can't comment on other peoples' business practices, the markets are sure to factor this into MiNE tokens over time.

"We take the savings and pass them on to you"
What we are saying is that if there's a big discrepancy between our offer and the competition, the markets will organically drive the price of MiNE tokens up, simply due to better value of mining services.
The cryptomarkets abound with oportunities and we are sure that once this project is successful, money will be the last thing on our minds, regardles of our profit margins. We believe that being appreciated all the way to the top is far better than needing to tint the windows of your new "lambos".


Long story short:

We offer complete, fully managed and constantly optimized crypto-mining services, all accessible through the MiNE token.

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