Core Team

Our team has been actively engaged in the IT & Engineering ecosystem for over 10 years as entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants. We have been building private mining data rooms and standalone miners since 2014 and now we are ready to launch our own public mining project.

Alexandru Bogdan

Alex has been on a rocketing career path ever since finishing college, with 5 years at Microsoft, 1 as an expat and over 4 years exclusively as an entrepreneur. He has amassed 13 Microsoft certifications, a master's degree in IT security, is a certified ethical hacker and adamant crypto advocate. In 2013, he founded his own IT company, providing tech & cybersecurity services. He has led 7 technical teams in 4 different cities, totaling over 100 people. Crypto has been his main focus over the last years, and his IT company has assembled and managed GPU cryptocurrency mining rigs for clients all over the country.

Victor Leu
Field Manager

Victor is an expert at conducting product research and managing brick and mortar businesses. With a succesful track record as acqusitions manager, he's the ideal person to monitor daily operations at our mining facility.
With a BA in Economics and a MSc in Finances, he manages investments and cashflow, coordinating the procurement of new hardware, optimizing costs for all acquisitions and ensuring maximum profit margins for the project. He finds those amazing deals for anything from GPUs to cables and connectors.

Stefan Musca
Technical Lead

Stefan has started cryptocurrency mining in 2012. He has had his own personal mining farm in his basement ever since. He began with BTC, then soon diversified into different altcoins, using various profitability scripts. Stefan is responsible with installing, configuring, monitoring, debugging, optimizing, overclocking and undervolting the systems to produce maximum output. With a BA in IT and networking certificates from the CISCO Academy, he's assembled hundreds of mining machines - both GPU-based and ASICs - for small-scale and large-scale mining operations.

Petre Birlea
Head of Marketing

With a background in counselling and digital marketing and an avid interest in and sheer fascination for blockchain technology, Petre is the best fit for someone to really listen to the community and reach out to you on a constant basis. You will receive updates from him, he is here every day to answer your questions, and he will also coordinate the publicizing and marketing of the MiNE operation.

Andrei Miron
Hardware Deployment & Maintenance Specialist

Andrei is in the first line of defense when new hardware is brought into our headquarters. He assembles GPU miners from scratch: from cutting aluminum frames to the point where the miners are up and mining. His experience with mining hardware allows him to spot a potential issue before it even happens, so he is a huge aset for the team.

Ionut Stefan
Network & Electrical Specialist

Ionut is in charge of monitoring the network of miners: he constantly watches uptime, temperature and energy consumption and always has his eye on our hashrates, to make sure everything is running smoothly and according to plan.

Sebastian Petrescu
Monitoring & Intervention Specialist

Sebi is also in charge of monitoring the mining network. He is in the first line of defense, ready to rapidly intervene if anything unforeseen should ever happen. Sebi also overclocks and tweaks the hardware. He has a vast experience of assembling and babysitting mining machines until they reach their optimum performance.

Our Advisors

Antonio Campisi
Business Development

As a serial entrepreneur and business developer, Antonio knows from experience how to build a profitable business from scratch and grow it to the point where profits flow naturally and everything runs smoothly. He has also helped struggling businesses change their destiny and become profitable. He will advise The MiNE on finding new opportunities, new clients and help bring our message to Italy.

Mircea Lepadatu
Development Advisor

With a consistent background in infosec consultancy and full stack development, Mircea is experienced in online business architecture and has a passion for the crypto markets dating back to the early days. So far he has headed the IT division of a B2B technical security company, activated as a freelance developer and has been a profitable miner since 2014. Not a big fan of social interaction or task outsourcing, Mircea prefers spending his nights at the office. Exclusively dedicated to crypto since 2016.

Lorel Ghincioiu
Legal & Compliance Advisor

Lorel has his own law firm in Bucharest and plenty of experience with international law. As the Legal Advisor for The MiNE, he will take care of all legal aspects: ensuring compliance, rock solid contracts, taxes, data protection policies, ensuring smooth navigation through all the legal procedures that we need to abide by when running such a large-scale operation.

Orlando Silianovici
Energy Market Advisor

Orlando understands the electrical energy market in our region more than anyone we know of. He is the one who managed to secure the best energy deals / mWh for The MiNE operation. He also takes care of everything having to do with insurance and risk absorption.

Silviu Istrate
Marketing Advisor

With millions of dollars raised in successful ICOs such as IP.SX (IP Exchange Service) and (Crypto Exchange), Silviu has the knowledge and skills to bring legit businesses on a successful ICO path. He will counsel us in in regards to community building, transparency and social involvement, as well communication. He will help The MiNE bring out the message to the public.

Everything you need to know about our project can be found in the whitepaper.


Long story short:

We offer complete, fully managed and constantly optimized crypto-mining services, all accessible through the MiNE token.

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