Core Team

Our team has been actively engaged in the IT & Engineering ecosystem for over 10 years as entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants. We have been building private mining data rooms and standalone miners since 2014 and now we are ready to launch our own public mining project.

Alexandru Bogdan

Alex has already built one successful business to date, the complete IT services company "". He has been on a rocketing career path ever since finishing college, with 5 years in Microsoft, 1 year as an expat and over 4 years exclusively as an entrepreneur. Alex has amassed 13 Microsoft certifications, a master's degree in IT security, is a certified ethical hacker and adamant crypto advocate. Crypto has been his main focus over the last few years, ever since he started managing mining clusters for his clients.

Mircea Lepadatu

With a consistent background in infosec consultancy and full stack development, Mircea is experienced in online business architecture and has a passion for the crypto markets dating back to the early days. So far he has headed the IT division of a B2B technical security company, activated as a freelance developer and has been a profitable miner since 2014. Not a big fan of social interaction or task outsourcing, Mircea prefers spending his nights at the office. Exclusively dedicated to crypto since 2016.

Victor Leu
Field Manager

Victor is an expert at conducting product research and managing a brick and mortar business. With a succesful track record as acqusitions manager, he's the ideal person to monitor daily operations at our mining facility and make sure everything goes according to plan. He will also be responsible for implementing the live video monitoring system and documenting hardware deployment and important events.

Georgian Lazar
Market Analyst

Having over 10 years experience as an institutional financial markets analyst and trader, Georgian will make sure our decisions and strategies are always backed up by solid research and deep understanding of global market mechanics. With a keen eye for lucrative opportunities, Georgian has been an active player in the crypto markets ever since Bitcoin made the first resounding headlines in 2014.

Ionut Stefan
Electrical Engineer

Ionut is the youngest member of our core team, but is also the one with the most hands-on experience with building and fine-tuning mining machines and is in charge of miner assembly operations. Passionate about technology and constantly curious, Ionut is an electrical engineer and his track record is in the field of network infrastructure and server management.

Our Advisers

Ike Onita

Ike is editor-in-chief and owner of the Romanian crypto-news portal He has been involved in more than a few crypto-related ventures so far and has a real passion for the new world cryptocurrencies are creating.

Ionut Calin

Ionut is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing and business development. Already involved in cryptocurrency mining since the early days, Ionut is a strong believer in the great potential of the public mining business concept.

Everything you need to know about our project can be found in the whitepaper.


Long story short..

We offer complete, fully managed and constantly optimized crypto-mining services, all accessible through the MiNE token.

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