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Welcome to TheMiNE!

Our project is a cryptocurrency mining operation set out to improve your public mining experience.


Truly Efficient

We incorporate key economic advantages which translate into uniquely low overhead costs and a reliable competitive edge.



Our mining performance will always keep up with network difficulty increases thanks to seamless reinvestment strategies.


Big on Transparency

Being open and consistent is paramount to us, so all operations are publicly documented and our numbers disclosed.


What We Do

Mining Done Right

There is a lot of room for improvement in current public mining offers. We bring improved efficiency, more flexibility and much needed transparency.


Dedicated Research

We constantly assess the crypto markets, looking for new opportunities, according to value generation potential and risk management criteria.


Strategic Approach

Mining power is dynamically allocated according to our internal analysis and diversified in a way similar to stock portfolios.


Fully Tokenized Mining

We have replaced traditional mining contracts and all their shortcomings with service tokens. Mining proceeds will be distributed on a monthly basis, in order to keep everything as simple as possible.


Stress-free Mining Experience

We take care of all the associated hassle and dedicate our full attention to taking public mining services to the next level.


Advanced Resource Management

Mining power is entirely managed on your behalf. We use a mix of high performing mining strategies in order to maximize results.


Perpetual Mining Results

MiNE tokens never expire and owners receive results from our service for as long as they hold the tokens.


No Lock-In Period

Tokens will be freely tradeable on exchanges so our mining service can be accessed or exited at any time, with no penalty or fee.


High Residual Value

Unlike mining rigs or contracts, MiNE tokens hold their value over time and even have a tendency to appreciate in value due to reinvestment.


100% Pay-as-You-Go

Operational costs, electricity and company revenue are subtracted each month from generated mining results.


MiNE Tokens

The first MiNE tokens will be issued during our upcoming token sale. Tokens are used as access vouchers for our mining service.


Issued as ERC20 Token

We chose to issue our tokens as a smart contract over Ethereum for the transparency, proven stability and widespread adoption of the platform.


Real Underlying Assets

MiNE tokens are backed by our self-expanding computing infrastructure as well as by the ongoing mining results.


Engineered for Growth

Token valuation will be kept buoyant and corresponding mining power relevant in the face of ever increasing mining difficulties by the built in partial reinvestment factor.


Fair Issuance Policy

Over 90% of value raised in token sales will be directed towards infrastructure, in a transparent and ethical manner. Total supply is limited and tokens will be issued periodically, preceeding large hardware deployment stages.


The Reinvestment Element

30% of net mining results go toward the Reinvestment & Expansion Fund, which will be used to seamlessly increase and upgrade our mining power.

We Also Maximize Reinvested Value

The Reinvestment & Expansion Fund will also be used for conservative cryptocurrency speculation, with the end goal of increasing value. We will do this by balancing profit taking at market peaks with hardware availability. Older equipment will start to be traded off as soon as the next generation of hardware becomes available, as we believe that mining with the latest technology is more important than just piling on machines at random.


Competitive Edge

Being located in Romania has its share of economic advantages, especially when mining is involved.


Access to Cheap Labor and Low Operational Costs

Fixed overhead such as rent, labor, security, permits and utilities are some of the lowest in Europe, while also mantaining EU standards and regulation. The bottom line is that our costs are 4 to 6 times lower than in countries like Austria, Germany, Iceland or the US and we plan to leverage this to its full extent.

Low Energy Prices

Contrary to what most would have you believe, energy price is not the be-all and end-all of mining profitability. But just in case, we also have that covered here in Romania, with one of the lowest industrial energy prices in the EU, a liberalized energy market and high availability and willingness to supply of micro-hydro, state owned hydro and also other renewable energy sources.



Lightweight Company Revenue Scheme

We chose to get involved with this project not only for the sake of immediate profits. For the work we are doing we believe it's more than fair to take a fixed 10% of mining results and a token offering share ranging from 2% to 5% of issued tokens, depending on circumstances.




We think it's best to adopt a policy of maximum transparency from the start.

We will document all deployment and expansion operations on a regular basis, through pictures, videos and short summaries in the blog section.
Live streaming cameras will be installed at key points of the facility and will be freely available.
We will make public relevant information regarding the reinvestment fund activity and mining strategy.
Our offices are open for visitation and it would be our pleasure to welcome interested members of the community.

Don't get duped by persistent marketing techniques.
If you are after smart, transparent and real mining results, give us a try.


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